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  • 您好,歡迎來到武漢進出口貿易_進出口代理公司_進口代理_武漢志道貿易有限公司官網!

    公司簡介:武漢志道貿易有限公司是一家專業從事進口代理、出口代理、國際物流、進出口咨詢的國際貿易服務企業。公司成立于 2006 年6月8日,經過十幾年的發展,已形成以進口、出口、物流、咨詢為核心的綜合型企業。





    Wuhan ZTOP Trading CO., LTD. is an international trading and service enterprise, professional in import agent, export agent, international logistic, I&E consulting. It is founded on June 8, 2006. After developing more than ten years, it has become an enterprise complex, which basic business includes import, export, logistic, consulting.

    It includes Marketing Department, Administration Department, Finance Department, Import Department, Export Department, Logistic Department, and Business Consulting Department etc. Under the leadership of shareholders, the general manager is responsible for company’s operating. Modern office equipment and network are fully used. It uses OA and ERP system to rise up the level of information management. It improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

    It has the import and export qualification, which is able to deal with import and export customs clearance, commodity inspection and quarantine. Its code is 4201789313978 registered at Wuhan Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau. Wuhan Customs registered code is 4201965233. Hubei Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau(CIQ) registered code is 4200600956. Meanwhile, it has the registration at State Administration of Foreign Exchange Hubei Branch (SAFE) for foreign exchange’s receipt and payment during importing and exporting business.

    "People-oriented, honest, efficient and innovative" has always been adhering to the spirit of enterprise. Based on this corporate culture it is steady developing and accumulates a large of customers and business experience. 

    “To create value for customer” is their purpose, it deeply encourages the ZTOP staffs to more think customer’s demand and cooperate in long term.


    Enterprise Culture:People-oriented, Honest and faithful, Strive for efficiency, Innovate forever


    Enterprise purpose: to create value for customer


    Enterprise goal: Base on the market oriented, the reputation and the talent, become the highly effective model of business and trade enterprises.


    Enterprise development: standardization, modernization, group, internationalization


    Enterprise credo: perpetual operation, sustainable development, the pursuit of excellence

    企業精神Enterprise spirit

    企業的責任心Enterprise Responsibility


    Responsible for staff: to provide staff with good wages and benefits, to let them attain professional train and give the full developing space, to ensure them keep balance between work and family.


    Responsible for supplier: to give timely payment and a reasonable profit to suppliers and service providers.


    Responsible for customer: a preferential price for customers with high quality products and services.


    Responsible for government: to comply with the law and pay each taxes and fees on time.


    Responsible for society: to actively participate in public welfare for the harmonious development of society.


    Responsible for investor: to ensure the value of investor’s fund increased.

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